"Choir Girl", my first CD, was privately released in 2013.  My second CD, "Lamb of God", was released in 2015.

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Philanthropy Supporting Humanitarian Aid  Through Music and the Arts

Choirgirl Music is a philanthropic organization supporting the immediate and long-term needs of established humanitarian aid organizations through fund raising events which employ music and the arts. 

Based in Dutchess County, Choirgirl Music was founded by Executive Director, Linda Bottos, a resident of Hopewell Junction, NY.   “I feel it’s important to remember those who need help not only throughout the world, but within our own community, especially if Choirgirl is looking for ongoing support from our neighbors for future endeavors.  There are so many well-respected organizations that provide vital services to those less fortunate throughout the region, and we are honored to be doing our part to provide support through our events.”